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Welcome to the Captains Corner

1/31/12 Welcome back. With winter well at hand

the red fish are in full swing. The best advice i

can give right now is big shrimp and big shrimp.

As the sun comes up i like to use shrimp on a

jig head and just fan cast my way onto the flat.

I look for pot holes and sand patches to cast to.

As the sun warms up the water i will go to a

poping cork as the fish seem to be more likely

to move about. Go slow so you do not run them

over. Trout and others will be in the mix also.

Look for the mullet and you will find reds trout

and snook. In the morning i will fish the east side

of the islands and in the after noon i will fish the

west side and if there is a north wind i will go to

the S.E. and S.W. end. The water will be warmer

there. Well good luck. Be safe and have fun.

Capt. Jeff Shatto

8/13/11 Tarpon fishing this year has been good. Fishing for the silver king is a great rush. If you can get one on the hook you to will be hooked. I like to fish for them at night it's cooler and adds a little thrill to the sport. Lady fish is your best bet. I use a float with about 6' to 10' of leader under it. You can drift the bays or the bridges. I also use circle hooks and let the tarpon do the hook set. All you have to do is reel. And hang on. When they jump you must bowl to them or the fight is over. Look for moving water and bait and the tarpon are willing play along. I will use a 30lb to 100lb rig depending on the fish at hand. Its best to end the fight as soon as possible for the fish and you. The silver king a king in my book. Be safe and have fun. See you on the water. Capt. Jeff

4/15/11 Well spring is here and all the fish are moving about. Snook are on the move and the tarpon are showing up all over .this is my favorite time of year.We have been finding snook and reds all over the place.Look for shadows along the mangroves with moving water and they will be there.They love to site face into the tide letting the bait come to them.Drifting shrimp or pin fish along the mangroves is a sure fire way to get hooked up .Use a 20 to 40 lb leader on 10 to 20 lb main line.I like a 1/8 jig head myself but but free line is the best bet.Don't keep them out of the water to long.Hold your breath and when you need air the fish needs air.Tarpon are in the harbor and now is a good time to get on them before it gets to hot.We use crabs,pin fish,lady fish and shrimp under a cork with about 4 ft of line and a sharp hook. Well i will see you on the water be safe and have fun. Capt Jeff

9/6/10 Fishing in the back waters calls for patience. And if you want to catch fish you have got to be quite. Look for moving water and let the wind work in your favor. I like to drift along the mangroves and cast to the holes and when i find fish set up camp. If you find bait you find fish. We have been going for red fish and getting allot of snook, trout, snapper and a few flounder along the way. D.O.A. shrimp is hard to beat and will take most of the fish you throw to and i also like the D.O.A. jerk bait. It's good to see all the snook after last winter. The snook is my favorite. They fight like no other. If you start to catch snook smash the barb on your hook to give the snook a better chance of survival. As long as you keep your line tight you will still land the fish and you will sleep better knowing the fish will live to fight another day. Be safe and have fun.

10/27/10 The fall bait run is a grate time of year to get out and catch some quality fish. Like the tasty black tip shark. You can find them along most of the I.C.W. edges next to any flat. They make for great sport and good table fair. One per person or two per vessel. You can use a verity of baits. White bait, Mullet, pin fish etc. etc. They have even been known to hit plugs. You will need 6 to 12 inches of wire and a strong hook. On light tackle it is allot of fun. You will find the buissness end of this shark to be razor sharp so keep your hands clear of it. Sharks can bite there own tail so be careful and if your not going to keep them it is best to leave them in the water. Shark fishing can be allot of fun just think safety first. See ya one the water. Be safe and have fun.

12/07/10 If you have been following my site you know my wife Jabet has a soft spot for a good looking fish. Well she strikes again. This time with a nice 26" red fish. She named this one Betsy and when it was time to go she was set on Betsy going free. We started the day late and it was cold so later is better. We pushed our way accost the flat to a deep hole. When water and the temp falls i look for a deep hole on the flats and more times than not the fish are there. Live shrimp on a led head will out do almost anything. Braided line in the 10lb class and a 20 to 30lb shock leader are the way to go. We have been using the Colmic Black Weapon pole 7' 8-25lb. I have used a few poles in my 20 + years of fishing and im here to tell you the Colmic line up is the best i have come across. If you would like to see for your self just give me a ring and we will put a Colmic in your hand and a fish on the line. If you would like to buy on for your self you can call Juan Silva @ 941-815-6803. I will put a link on my home page for there site. Until next time be safe and have fun. Capt. Jeff Shatto

2/23/11 Welcome to Red Fish heaven. Over the last month or so we have seen more red fish than in many years. Maybe the freeze had something to do with it. Mouther nature has a funny way of getting her point accost. As for the red fish she seems to be working in there favor. If you want to get in on the action all you need is a good tide ( high or incoming ) to get on quality fish. We are using shrimp on light tackle in the 10 lb. range. Let the shrimp drift with the tide near the bottom and soon you will be hooked up. Most of the reds are rat reds but don't let that fool you because the big ones are there too. They are educated and are harder to fool. I bet most big reds have been hooked before. That's why it's harder to get the big ones. Move slow and be quiet red fish are very spooky and once spooked it's hard to get them feeding again. Good luck and be safe. Capt. Jeff Shatto

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